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ENMG Training Program 2021: 9 Courses is a Program

ENMG Training Program 2021: 9 Courses

Time limit: 38 days
104.0 credits

$6,600 Enroll

Full program description

The 2021 Electroneuromyography Program offered by Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions (RMUoHP) is designed to meet the scholarly and clinical needs of the beginner electroneuromyographer. The course is open to chiropractic physicians, nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapists, physicians, and physician assistants.  

The curriculum is designed to introduce the student to the assessment and implementation of sound scientific principles in the electrophysiologic evaluation of patients with neuromuscular disabilities. This program offers study at the beginning levels of electrophysiologic testing and knowledge of neurophysiology, pathology, and pathophysiology. The program is designed to meet the scholarly and clinical needs of the beginning and intermediate electroneuromyographer. The curriculum includes neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, electromyography, motor and sensory nerve studies, late responses, pathophysiology, muscle and nerve pathology, clinical examination skills, and case study presentations.

This blended program consists of 44 hours of asynchronous online instruction taken before the 60-hour (8-day) onsite session in Provo, Utah. The online component will open to students June 26, 2021, one (1) month before the onsite session, and will remain open until August 30th, 2021, one (1) month after the onsite session. The onsite session dates are July 25th through August 1st, 2021. It is imperative the online component be completed prior to arriving on campus for the onsite portion.  

For detailed information on Program Curriculum and faculty:


Prerequisites and Requirements

  • Professional licensure as a chiropractor, nurse, occupational therapist, physical therapist, physician, or physician assistant
  • Professional liability insurance

Registrants will need to upload a copy of their professional licensure and evidence of professional liability coverage (liability limits of 1 million, 3 million) to the 'Welcome' course in Canvas prior to the on campus session. This course will be immediately available upon registration via your Catalog Dashboard. By registering for this program, students acknowledge that 1) they have appropriate professional liability coverage, and 2) they will be required to sign a release and waiver when onsite.

The ENMG Training Program provides students with a strong foundation from which to build; however, it is also extremely important that each student has access to a mentor when they begin to test patients. Students who do not have a mentor should contact the Program Director, Dr. William Eisner, before enrolling (

Class Schedule

Attendance is required at both the online and onsite portions of the program. Additional information about online course access, travel and hotels will be available to registrants via the Welcome Packet course in Canvas.

Course Access

After you register for the program, log in to (the same site where you registered) and click your name in the top right corner to access your Student Dashboard. Your dashboard will list all of your ENMG courses, though only one, the "Welcome" course will be immediately available; the rest will open on June 25. To access a course for the first time, find the course on the list and click "Begin Course". This will take you to that course in Canvas. You must do this initial step for each of the nine courses. After activating a course, you will be able to access it either through the Student Dashboard or through

  • FIRST STEP: Right after you register, find the "Welcome" course on the Student Dashboard and click Begin Course to access important pre-program resources and information. 
  • NEXT: On June 26, go to your Student Dashboard and click Begin Course on ENMG 100 and get started. This is the only completely online course, and it must be completed before July 25 (when onsite classes begin).
  • ALSO ON JUNE 26: Click Begin Course on all the other courses. Many will have requirements that need to be completed before July 25.

On Campus Class Schedule

Date/Time (MDT) Faculty Course
Sun.7/25 8:00 12:00 Elizabeth Painter ENMG 101 Electromyography 1
Sun. 7/25 1:00 5:00 William D. Eisner ENMG 201 Electromyography II
Mon. 7/26 8:00 5:00 Darin White Nerve Studies I
Tues. 7/27 8:00 5:00 Darin White Nerve Studies I
Wed. 7/28 8:00 5:00 Coleby Clawson Nerve Studies II
Thur. 7/29 8:00 5:00 David G. Greathouse Pathology 1
Fri. 7/30 8:00 5:00 Carlos Estevez Electromyography III
Sat. 7/31 8:00 5:00 Nathan Savage Nerve Studies III
Sun. 8/1 8:00 12:00 Nathan Savage Nerve Studies III

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Refund policy if a participant cancels:

  • 30 or more days before the event:90% refund
  • 15 to 29 days before the event: 75% refund
  • 6 to 14 days before the event: 50% refund
  • Five days or less before the event: 25% refund

The University reserves the right to cancel or postpone a program 45 days prior to the published start date. All tuition is refunded if a course is canceled.

NOTE: After clicking "Enroll" you will see a class list and a message regarding a "time limit of 38 days to complete requirements after enrollment". Please DISREGARD this message, as it actually refers to the June 26 ENMG Program start date, not the date you've registered -- We are giving you early access to pre-program information in our "Welcome Packet" course. Questions? Contact