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CBD Oil for Professionals is a Course

CBD Oil for Professionals

Time limit: 30 days
2.0 credits

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Target Audience:  Athletic trainers, sports medicine clinicians, and other health care practitioners treating physically active patients of all ages.


This course provides an objective and balanced approach on the foundational concepts of the cannabinoids, specifically cannabidiol (CBD), and how these substances may be used as therapeutic medications in clinical practice.

Module I describes the Cannabis plant and discusses the differences between CBD and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive component. The essential question to be explored in this Module is: ‘What foundational concepts must the clinician be able to describe when considering cannabinoids as therapeutic medications for their patients?’ The current federal guidelines will be presented and the acute and chronic effects the cannabinoids will be discussed. Finally, the benefits and concerns with the use of these products including the mislabeling of ingredients of CBD products will be presented.

Module II relates to pharmacological concepts of CBD and responses  of the body  from administration to excretion. Additionally, the effects CBD has on the body will be explored  including the receptors involved on the endocannabinoid system. The advantages and disadvantages of common routes of administration of the CBD will  be addressed. The essential clinical question guiding the focus of this Module is: ‘What important pharmacological principles must the clinician be able to apply when making decisions about safe and effective use of CBD as a therapeutic intervention for the patient?’

Module III addresses the clinical question: ‘What are the considerations for the clinician to discuss with a patient before using CBD as a therapeutic medication as a safe and effective treatment?’ In this Module, we review state laws and regulations for the use of CBD as a therapeutic medication and describe the evidence-based support  for using CBD as a treatment modality  for a variety of medical conditions. 

PENDING APPROVAL for 3 EBP CEUs by the BOC for Athletic Trainers


Michele Monaco, DSc, ATC

Michelle Cleary, PhD, ATC

Thomas E. Abdenour, DHSc, ATC