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Educator's Pathway: Wound Management Supplemental is a Course

Educator's Pathway: Wound Management Supplemental

Apr 12 - Apr 26, 2021
5.0 credits

$50 Enroll

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Target Audience: Educators completing the "Wound Management" course.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:   Only students who have completed our "Wound Management: An Evidence-based Approach" course are eligible to take this supplemental course.


This additional module will provide educators the opportunity to reflect upon their experience completing the wound management course and use the Modified Madeline Hunter Lesson Plan Model/Framework to design a lesson plan for instructional delivery to future students.

Successful completion of this 2-week module earns an RMU Continuing Education Certificate for 5 CEUs (This course is not approved for BOC credit).


Upon completion of this unit, the learner will:

  1. Discuss and critique the Modified Madeline Hunter Lesson Plan Model Framework
  2. Identify examples of good teaching practices and deficient teaching practices within the current wound care management course the learner has just completed. These examples may include resources, delivery of content, course organization, assessments, instructor feedback etc.
  3. Explain and discuss the rationale of each good teaching practice using the Modified Madeline Hunter Model as a framework.
  4. Design a comprehensive lesson plan using the Modified Madeline Hunter Lesson Plan Model Framework outline an approach for delivering an evidence-based approach to wound management.


  Malissa Martin, EdD, ATC

Known in the athletic training profession as a renowned educator and for her work with professional development Martin is an author of over 85 articles, books, home study programs and grants. She has taken the platform for over 100 national and regional presentations/workshops. Dr. Martin serves on the editorial board for the Athletic Training Education Journal and the International Journal of Athletic Therapy and Training... Read more.